Land Protection Options

For full information about all land protection options, please see our section Protecting The Land

Donating land is a lasting way to protect the natural features of your property and preserve the place you love for future generations to enjoy.

Property donations can guarantee the future use of shared properties, ensure privacy from prospective developments, and can achieve significant estate tax savings as well as resolve potential income tax challenges.

There are several options for landowners who are considering donating property to GBLT. Donating property can occur by transferring ownership to GBLT or you can retain the ownership of your property. GBLT works with property owners to determine the most effective conservation plan and provide the best financial arrangement for your situation. We ensure that all property donations fits with GBLT’s mission and that we are capable of properly stewarding your property for the years to come. GBLT ensures that its activities follow the standards and practices of the Canadian Land Trust Alliance.

Any transfer of property requires legal and financial advice. Landowners considering a donation should contact their lawyer and accountant for independent advice.

To find out more about land donation options please contact us.