5-10 Year Pledge For The Bay

Give Money as a long term commitment (5-10 years)

In response to a real and demonstrated need, those seriously committed to the protection of eastern Georgian Bay and the North Channel are assembling to provide critical backing to the Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT).

Pledge for The Bay will play a critical role in ensuring that support is in place over the long term, enabling the GBLT to fully achieve its strategic goals in protecting significant lands for generations to come.

Two of our volunteers, Craig and Cathie Bowden, from Cognashene, encouraged the development of Pledge for the Bay. They wanted to provide a long-term commitment in support of GBLT programs, specifically for 5 years and to allow the GBLT to plan for the future, knowing that resources are in place from committed supporters. They realize that this will guarantee direct protection of land through acquisition, stewardship, and education, and will excel in meeting the needs of the conservation of eastern Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

If you would like further information about your Pledge For The Bay commitment, please email us and we will have someone get in touch with you.