Life Insurance Gifts

An innovative way many people use to give to their charity of choice is through a Life Insurance policy payable to the charity.

A simple example is demonstrated here:

A Donor purchases a policy of $50,000 payable to the GBLT.
The donor selects the timing of his or her payment.
The premiums would be based on an individual’s health and age and, could be payable over a variety of 10/15/20 years.
An example would be

Policy Amount: $50,000
Donor: Male @ 65 years
Premium options:
Annual Premium for 10 years: $3,371.00
Annual Premium for 15 years: $2,780.00
Annual Premium for 20 years: $2,425.00

We would be pleased to assist you on this option. For further information contact Stephen Gallacher @ Martin Merry & Reid Limited.

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