GBLT’s success is the result of our dedicated staff and working board of directors and advisors – all lovers of the Bay and committed to the environment.

Bill Lougheed, Executive Director

Bill shares a life-long love and appreciation for Georgian Bay. He is a long-time volunteer and leader within the Go Home Bay community. A scientist at heart and by training, Bill’s career has positioned him in leadership positions in the biomedical industry before finding a home at GBLT.

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Brooks Greer, Land Protection Program Manager

Brooks’ love for the Bay was a spiritual conversion that emerged after being shipped off to Camp Hurontario in the 70s. A birder and naturalist, Brooks is passionate about Georgian Bay’s natural beauty. He enjoys spending time at other people’s cottages. Joining GBLT in 2009, Brooks brings strong management experience to GBLT’s stewardship and protection programs.

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Janet Brough, Senior Development Officer

Janet has been summering in Wah Wah Taysee all her life with her family roots dating back over 80 years.
She is most passionate in sharing the beauty of the bay while preserving and protecting it for future generations. Janet strives to be the first in, in the spring and one of the last out in the fall.

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Sarah Koetsier, Communications and Office Administrator

A lifelong Honey Harbour cottager and recent graduate of International Development and Environmental Sustainability from Dalhousie University, Sarah joined the GBLT team in the fall of 2014. She is happy to be combining her interest in conservation with her love of the Bay.

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Irina Denissova, Bookkeeper

Irina fulfilled her dream of making Georgian Bay a healthy place for people to reside in harmony by joining the GBLT team. She is an accountant consultant for profit and non-profit organizations. Irina enjoys the simple things, such as an ever-changing sky, rocks, flowers, and good time with friends.