For U.S. Land Owners

Protecting the wilderness of your Canadian land

The Georgian Bay Land Trust works with Americans who wish to donate land within Canada. The American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (AFCLT), an American charity dedicated to providing those in the US with opportunities to donate land and fund land trusts working in Canada, has prescribed donee status. This status allows AFCLT to offer Americans donating land in Canada equivalent financial benefits to those received by Canadians, including a US income tax receipt and relief from capital gain tax in Canada.

Now that the AFCLT is recognized as a prescribed donee, it has become even easier to protect Canada’s myriad natural wonders, including our beloved Georgian Bay. To read more about the new status, visit AFCLT on the web and browse their information sheets regarding cross-border conservation. The GBLT is recognized as a Qualified Grantee by the AFCLT.


If you are thinking about donating property to the GBLT and would like more information about the process, please contact our Executive Director Bill Lougheed at or (416) 440-1519 x101


For an introduction to the American Friends Conservation Lands Program and an overview for US Donors:

Download an introduction to the American Friends Conservation Lands Program.