Retaining Ownership

Keeping your Georgian Bay land

You may retain ownership of your land through a Conservation Easement while making sure it is preserved and protected.

Conservation Easement

With a Conservation Easement you continue to own and use your land and can sell it or pass it on to your heirs, but there is a permanent legal agreement – like a covenant – with the Georgian Bay Land Trust that is registered to the title of the property.

The Conservation Easement permanently limits uses of the land to conserve natural or cultural features.

Tax Benefits

There are capital gains and income tax benefits for Conservation Easements that qualify as Ecological Gifts. See here for details.

Stewardship under land retention

If ownership is retained with the landowner, the ongoing management of the property continues to be the responsibility of the landowner. If the landowner is interested in assistance, they can request GBLT’s help with the ongoing stewardship and management of the property. For conservation easements, GBLT will monitor the properties on an annual basis in accordance with its Stewardship Policy to ensure that the restrictions outlined in the easement are being upheld.

Please contact Bill Lougheed at or (416) 440-1519 x101 for further details.