Land Donor Testimonials

The GBLT has worked with landowners from all over Georgian Bay to help them achieve their goal of protecting their property or their family’s property in perpetuity. Below are some of our more recent land donors who invite landowners considering donating land or a conservation easement to contact them to learn about their experience.

Conservation easement

Peter Kemerer, Bone Island Cognashene

The properties to the south of ours are registered with Nature Conservancy as conservation easements. With the encouragement of the GBLT, we decided that the back portion of our property would join to make a large protected area in the centre of the Island. Our thinking was that we cannot forsee the pressures on cottage land in the future as the population increases. The Conservation Easement will ensure the integrity of the 14 acres to the long distant future. Our children and future generations will live with the Easement restrictions, which will not seriously affect their enjoyment of the cottage and will preserve the woods and rock barrens of the property and the existing trails. The greatest value to us is that we will be preserving part of the land from any development or change without giving up ownership and access.

Fee simple donation with multiple landowners

Caroline Duncanson, Go Home Bay

When the GBLT did a site evaluation, it was discovered that our property was the home of a provincially rare plant species. We were very excited by this, and it made us even more comfortable with our decision to donate the property to an organization that was committed to preserving it in its natural state. The staff at the GBLT were helpful and professional throughout the process, and were a pleasure to deal with.

Fee simple donation with new lot creation & multiple landowners

Gill Cameron & Bruce Harbinson

We had a relatively complex situation and all of the staff at the GBLT really helped to make the process as simple as possible. This was a combination of their professionalism as well as their respect for allowing us to move forward at our own pace. It is a great organization and our whole family is proud to be a donor and to play a part in protecting Georgian Bay.

If you are interested in talking to a GBLT land donor, please contact Brooks Greer at 416-440-1519 x 103 or