For Land Owners

Options for protecting your Georgian Bay land

If you are a landowner and would like to consider preserving and protecting all or some of your Georgian Bay property to protect its natural features for future generations, there are multiple options.

These include:

  • Transferring ownership to GBLT
  • Retaining ownership
  • Combination options

Obviously, any transfer or sale of property requires significant legal and financial advice, so this section of the website is intended to give you a very brief overview and all landowners considering a donation should contact their lawyer and accountant for independent advice.

Some landowners wish to protect the natural features before passing it on to the next generation. Others may see conservation as a way to resolve property or potential income tax challenges. Other motivations may include ensuring privacy from neighbours or sorting out the future use of a property currently shared by members of an expanding family.

Conservation of your property can occur by transferring ownership to or retaining ownership of your property. There are different responsibilities and implications for each of the various options.

For all properties, there are certain steps that the GBLT must follow. By considering each of these steps, the GBLT ensures that its activities are following the standards and practices of the Canadian Land Trust Alliance. This also ensures that the property fits the mission of the organization and that the GBLT is capable of adequately stewarding the property going forward.

We work with you to explore the options and determine what will provide your property with the most sound conservation package and provide you with the best financial arrangement for your unique situation.