The heart and soul of the GBLT is our Stewards.

Stewards help monitor properties and carry out environmental inventories and assessments. Stewards educate others about our unique archipelago and ensure that GBLT is successful in protecting each of its properties.

GBLT stewards come from our local communities. They are people who love Georgian Bay and have a spiritual or physical connection to one of our properties.

Becoming a GBLT Steward

To be a GBLT Steward, you don’t need a background in environmental science. The only requirements are a love for Georgian Bay and a desire to make sure it stays environmentally healthy for future generations. It helps to be familiar with (and obviously supportive of!) the GBLT mission and objectives.

It helps to have an understanding of the local environment and a connection to one of the local communities — but if you don’t, we’ve got lots of people to help you and guide the way. The best teachers are usually fellow stewards who help lead hands-on training for newcomers.

The commitment is based on your availability. Each property is assigned a team of stewards who work together and share time. One or two team leads serve as liaisons working directly with GBLT staff and the Stewardship program Chair.

On the Ground

The most important duty of a steward is visiting your property. It’s also the most enjoyable because you get to be outdoors on Georgian Bay!

Stewards visit properties on a regular basis to keep things in order and report on anything unusual. A sample visit might consist of making sure the GBLT usage signs are in good shape, then doing a general inspection and cleaning up any garbage or unnatural debris.

Stewards note if anyone has been camping or had a fire and complete a basic inspection form for each visit. On certain properties Stewards may report on sensitive areas that need special attention, such as nesting or spawning grounds.

Stewards often help draft plans to monitor a property’s ongoing ecological health and help identify conservation priorities. They are also key points of information to help communicate the property plans to visitors and members of the local communities.

To become a GBLT volunteer, submit the application form online or get in touch with Aaron at (416) 440-1519 x103 or

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The GBLT has adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, produced by Volunteer Canada.