King Endowment Fund

Support for research, educational programs and other opportunities that further advance the GBLT’s mission.


The Wally and Marilyn King Endowment Fund was created by Wally and Marilyn to support special projects which promote the appreciation of the eastern shore of Georgian Bay, the North Channel, and its unique environment. This is done through the King Family bursaries. Scientists, academics, artists, authors, musicians, writers and others are encouraged to apply. For a complete list of past bursary recipients, please click here.

“Marilyn and I are simply delighted to see our endowment activated with this bursary and very pleased to see the additional matching donations/bursary as well. We wish the recipients good wishes and success in whatever project that is selected.” -Wally King

A bursary of $3,500 is awarded each spring. Applications for 2022 are now open. Information about the bursaries and an application form can be found below.

Please contact Janet Brough by email at or phone at 416-346-5398 with any questions.


King Family Bursary details:


About the Bursary:

The King Family Bursary is intended for projects which will promote knowledge and/or appreciation of the eastern shore of Georgian Bay or the North Channel and its unique environment, communities, history, and/or culture and are compliant with the statement of purpose of the Georgian Bay Land Trust (see below). The King Family Bursary is supported by the Wally & Marilyn King Family Fund.

Who qualifies?

Any person who plans to create original work or projects about the eastern shoreline of Georgian Bay, its natural environment, culture or history (e.g. artist, scientist, academic, writer, etc.).

Applicants must be of the age of majority in the province/state in which they reside. Georgian Bay Land Trust staff, board, advisors and bursary jurors may not apply.

Award Amount – $3,500
Application deadline – February 15, 2022
Announcement of winner – March 31, 2022
Deadline for completion – June 1, 2023

Please note that accommodations on Georgian Bay are not included in the bursary – winners must have or arrange their own accommodations if necessary to complete their project.

The GBLT will:

1) Provide $3,500 to support the project
2) Recognize the winner in a media release
3) Help arrange the project presentation to the GBLT audience

The bursary winner will:

1) Complete their project by June 1, 2023
2) Present their project publicly* for the GBLT audience in the summer of 2023, or at another mutually agreed-upon time

*If applicable, presentation may be in the form of a digital file to be shared with GBLT supporters – in the case of research projects this should be in a format that’s easily accessible to the general public. Please specify how you propose to present your project in your application.

COVID-19 Considerations:

We expect that the coming year will continue to present challenges and changing circumstances related to Covid-19. Our bursary panel will take Covid-19 restrictions into consideration when evaluating proposals, with the intent of selecting a project that is feasible to complete within the context of 2022/23. That said, we also acknowledge that flexibility will be necessary, and that project activities may evolve or be delayed over the course of the year as circumstances change. If you have any questions related to your proposal and Covid-19, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please contact Janet Brough at (416) 346-5398 or with any questions.

Download bursary details Download an application form

Georgian Bay Land Trust Statement of Purpose:

The relevant purposes of the corporation are: to educate the public towards conservation and preservation of the landscape, ecology and wildlife of the area composed of Georgian Bay and to cooperate with other Canadian and international organizations having similar aims and to encourage such organizations in their activities.

Focus area for bursary projects: