The GBLT oversees the King Family Bursaries of $3,500 each, supporting the objectives of the Wally and Marilyn King Endowment Fund.

The King Family Bursary was created to support special projects which promote knowledge and appreciation of the eastern shore of Georgian Bay and the North Channel, and its unique environment, history, communities and/or culture. Scientists, academics, artists, authors, musicians, writers and others are encouraged to apply. For a complete list of past bursary recipients, please click here.

The bursaries are supported by Wally and Marilyn King, through the King Endowment Fund, and John Hartman. “Marilyn and I are simply delighted to see our endowment activated with this bursary and very pleased to see the additional matching donations/bursary as well. We wish the recipients good wishes and success in whatever project that is selected.” -Wally King

Two bursaries of $3,500 each are awarded each spring. The next round of applications will open in December 2018. Information about the bursaries and an application form can be found below.

Please contact Sarah Koetsier by email at sarah.koetsier@gblt.org or phone at 416-440-1519 x 102 with any questions.

About the King Family Bursaries

The Bursaries are supported by the Wally and Marilyn King Endowment Fund and John Hartman.

Award amount: Two bursaries of $3,500 each

Who qualifies:

Any artist, scientist, writer, academic, poet, musician, playwright, curator, or person who plans to create original work or projects about the eastern shoreline of Georgian Bay, its communities, its history, natural environment or its culture.

Applicants must be of the age of majority in the province/state in which they reside. Georgian Bay Land Trust staff, board, advisors and bursary jurors may not apply.

Key Dates 2018:

Application deadline: February 5, 2018

Announcement of winners: April 9, 2018

Deadline for completion of the project: June 1, 2019

Bursary winners will:
1) Be selected by a jury consisting of 3 people
2) Receive $3,500 to support their project
3) Be recognized for winning in a media release
4) Complete their project by June 1, 2019
5) Present the project publicly for the GBLT audience in the summer of 2019 or at another mutually agreed-upon time

Download a copy of the Bursary Information 2018

Download the King Family Bursary Application Form