Protecting the land

The wilderness of Georgian Bay is under unprecedented pressure.

Its habitat, water and air are only an hour and a half away from one of North America’s largest cities.

Land is being quickly turned from its natural state to make way for golf courses, condominiums, commercial centres, residences and new cottages. Roadways and cleared land have cut the natural landscape into smaller and smaller patches of unprotected private land.

Dredging, climate change, municipal pipelines and increased recreation activity have likewise put enormous stress on Georgian Bay’s water systems — resulting in falling water levels and reduced water quality.

The loss of land eliminates critical habitat for countless unique species and area-sensitive wildlife — many now listed as threatened, at risk or even endangered.

The Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT) is a passionate group of full time residents, cottagers, boaters, campers, hikers, sportspeople, First Nations communities –  lovers of Georgian Bay who believe in the inherent value of protecting wilderness lands for now and all future generations. We educate, we connect and we protect.

Since its founding in 1991 GBLT has grown to now protect:

  • 7,513 wilderness acres in Georgian Bay
  • spread over 62 stewarded properties
  • home to 50 native species-at-risk.

Our work is truly only beginning.

Protection and preservation needs to be immediate. GBLT works to make sure that this land and its ecosystems remains productive and unspoiled.

The GBLT works to protect wilderness lands. Forever.

We hope you will help us protect even more wilderness and its inhabitants in the coming years.