Oldfield Lake Reserve

Status: Open

This property is open for the public to enjoy and appreciate. Before visiting, please review the GBLT Visitor Guidelines for maintaining the environmental integrity of the property.

 247 acres (100 hectares)
Location: Blackstone Lake
Year Acquired: 1997


Carolyn Rymell – Lead Steward
John Hackett
Elizabeth Hackett

Property Info

Oldfield Lake Reserve is the Georgian Bay Land Trust’s second largest property, covering approximately 100 hectares. At one time heavily logged and threatened by road development, the securement of this property by the GBLT has ensured its protection and the restoration of many species. This property protects some critically important habitat in the interior portion of the eastern Georgian Bay coast. Many of the vegetation communities within the reserve are underrepresented in current protected areas along the coast, including some of the richest examples of Sugar Maple and mixed Hemlock forest known from both private and Crown land. In addition, the property supports a variety of swamp communities and an Atlantic Coastal Plain meadow marsh, a globally rare community type that supports a number of provincially rare plant species. The large size of this property contributes to an even larger area of Crown land and combined, the greater southern Blackstone Lake area supports a number of species that depend on large, intact forest and wetland communities. These include Black Bear, Moose and Red-shouldered Hawk, a provincially and nationally listed species.