McGregor Bay – La Cloche Mountains

Status: Open

This property is open for the public to enjoy and appreciate. Before visiting, please review the GBLT Visitor Guidelines for maintaining the environmental integrity of the property.

 8 acres (3.2 hectares)
Location: McGregor Bay
Year Acquired: 2017


Bill Detmer
Lynn Jessen
Ned Jessen
Angel Lillard
Jim Preschlack
Paula Preschlack

Property Info


Located just west of Killarney Provincial Park, the McGregor Bay – La Cloche Mountains property consists of a larger mainland portion and a small island. Both contain high quality habitat for several at-risk species, including Bald Eagle, Monarch Butterfly, Northern Map Turtle, and Algonquin Wolf.

The largely undeveloped nature of the Killarney area makes it one of the few places in Ontario where Algonquin Wolves are reliably seen outside of Algonquin Park itself. Listed as a threatened species in Ontario, Algonquin Wolves are most at risk from hunting and trapping, road mortality, and human-caused habitat loss. Protection by the Land Trust means that this property, otherwise slated for development, can continue to be a home to wolves and many other species for years to come.

Lynn & Ned Jessen, Angel Lillard & Bill Detmer, and Paula & Jim Preschlack donated these eight acres of land along the south shore of McGregor Bay to the Georgian Bay Land Trust in August 2017, in honour of Paula & John Lillard and Pauline & Louis Polk, Sr.

Thank you to Lynn, Ned, Angel, Bill, Paula, and Jim for your wonderful generosity, and to Andy Fabens and Mindy Tabor of the Great Lakes Basin Conservancy for your support in this important project.