Ingersoll Island

Status: Open

This property is open for the public to enjoy and appreciate. Before visiting, please review the GBLT Visitor Guidelines for maintaining the environmental integrity of the property.

 47 acres (20.3 hectares)
Location: Sans Souci
Year Acquired: 2011


George Martincek – Lead Steward
Ned Coates
Don Buchanan
Maureen Buchanan
Brian Rohde
Linda Heron
Mike Joy

Property Info

Ingersoll Island is separate from yet connected to Sandy Island by both proximity and their shared, locally uncommon vegetation communities. Ingersoll is located on Sandy’s eastern shore. Just west of Parry Island in the Township of The Archipelago, the Sandy and Ingersoll properties are unique in the area for providing habitat for a number of vegetation communities and species with southern affinities. The shore of Ingersoll, Sandy and many of the islands immediately adjacent have been identified as a provincially significant wetland.

Ingersoll’s varied and significant communities provide for extensive high quality habitat for many fauna species, including several species known to be at risk in the region such as Eastern Foxsnake.