Ellie’s Lookout

Status: Open

This property is open for the public to enjoy and appreciate. Before visiting, please review the GBLT Visitor Guidelines for maintaining the environmental integrity of the property.

 0.5 acres
Location: Manitou
Year Acquired: 2021


Property Info

Ellie’s Lookout is a beautiful 0.5 acre island in the Manitou community, near the mouth of Twelve Mile Bay. It is situated in an island chain that provides habitat for a number of at-risk species, including the Five-lined Skink, Northern Map Turtle, and Eastern Foxsnake. Bald Eagles and Monarch Butterflies have been documented visiting the island, and it is likely that other migratory species use this habitat as a nesting or stopover site. Protecting Ellie’s Lookout in its natural state helps maintain the ecological integrity of the entire 75-island archipelago of which it is a part, allowing this area to continue to function as a corridor for species movement between other undeveloped islands.

Ellie’s Lookout was donated to the Land Trust posthumously by Eleanor and Howard Edmunds. We are so grateful to the Edmunds and to their family for choosing to leave this legacy for Georgian Bay.