The Georgian Bay Land Trust welcomes two new Conservation Easements

Posted on December 20, 2019

We’re closing 2019 on a happy note, with two new properties protected forever! Both are protected under conservation easement, meaning that the landowners retain ownership but agree never to develop or otherwise degrade the natural features of their land. Thank you so much to the two generous families who have made this protection possible.


One Bear Island

One Bear Island is a small property in the Manitou area of Georgian Bay. In classic Georgian Bay fashion, it contains a variety of habitats – forest, rock barrens, and coastal wetlands – in close proximity, which support a variety of species. Map Turtles and Foxsnakes, both species at risk, have been documented here. It is likely that the island supports an array of other reptiles and birds as well. As the name suggests, it is also known as a stopover site for itinerant bears! We’re thrilled that this island will remain in its natural state and provide habitat for these animals forever.



Stronghold Reserve

The Stronghold Reserve protects significant forest and meadow habitat alongside Blackstone Lake. Home to at least three at-risk species (Eastern Wood-pewee, Monarch Butterfly, and Whip-poor-will), it is likely to support many more, including the Hog-nosed Snake. As an inland property, its soils are better-developed than those of the Georgian Bay coast, meaning it can support a more diverse array of flora. Parts of this property were even once cleared for farming, and now serve as ideal meadow habitat for Monarchs and other species. As the Blackstone Lake community faces increasing development pressures, protection of this land will help species thrive here well into the future.


Stronghold Reserve photo by Shawn Haokang Wu