King Family Bursary Winners

Posted on March 19, 2015

The GBLT is thrilled to announce this year’s winners of the King Family Bursary. With over fifty wonderful original applications our judges had a very difficult time making the final decision, but we’re confident that this year’s winners will be more than up to the challenge of creating unique and meaningful works that will help us all appreciate and understand Georgian Bay. Congratulations to Kendall Flower and Jillian McDonald!

We’d like to sincerely thank all applicants and wish them well in their work. It was very inspiring to see so many creative and passionate responses to Georgian Bay and we feel extremely lucky to have so many talented individuals working on and interested in the Bay. A big thank you to our judges, Ed Bartram, Andrea Curtis, and Peter Koetsier, as well as our volunteer Sarah Matthews for helping to organize the whole process.

Look for Kendall and Jillian’s projects to be presented in the summer of 2016.

Kendall Flower

Kendall Flower Portrait

Kendall Flower is an accredited landscape architect with professional expertise in the areas of ecological restoration, design for natural tourism and recreation, sustainable sites and low impact development technologies, and community engagement. As the final component of her Masters of Planning degree with the University of Guelph, Kendall’s project will explore, evaluate, and propose alternative models to the relationships between policy, governance, and conservation in the Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve. She will produce an accessible report to help all concerned gain a better understanding of the issues and opportunities in this area.

“It’s a wonderful honour to be a recipient of the King Family Bursary. My upbringing on Georgian Bay has deeply affected the ways in which I think, approach, and valuate the world around me. Georgian Bay has brought an incredible amount of enjoyment to my life; influencing my choices in professional direction, academic focus and recreational interests. I hope that this project will mark the beginning of my contributing back to the bioregion, toward its long term conservation and management.”

-Kendall Flower

Jillian McDonald

Jillian McDonald cropped

Jillian McDonald is a Canadian artist whose work focuses on the supernatural and the capacity of nature itself to contain an “otherworldliness”. Jillian has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States as well as in Germany, Spain, and England, and has received numerous grants and awards, including the Glenfiddich Canadian Art Prize. Her work was featured in a 2013 radio documentary by Paul Kennedy on CBC’s IDEAS. Jillian will produce a multi-screen video portrait of the Bay entitled Spirit Lake. She will spend time in the region exploring legends and oral histories and gathering video footage to create a work that is haunted with the Bay’s spirits of land and sea, nature’s remarkable and unexplainable forces.

“Georgian Bay is made extraordinary by its snaking granite rock formations carved by glaciers, a sprinkling of lighthouses, endless islands, its bio-reserve, windblown whispering pines, and the various flora and fauna of the eastern and northern shores. The opportunity to work in the iconic Canadian landscapes of Georgian Bay … is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

-Jillian McDonald