King Family Bursary Winner – Brennan Guse

Posted on May 4, 2020

Congratulations to Brennan Guse, winner of the 2020 King Family Bursary!

Brennan is a Master of Landscape Architecture Student with and Undergraduate Degree in Geography, who is always thinking about how to plan for healthy, resilient and inclusive communities. His research focusses on creating a waterfront revitalization strategy for Parry Sound’s post-industrial southern waterfront. As Parry Sound shifts from an industrial economy to a more tourist-based economy, many of the properties along the southern waterfront have become vacant industrial sites. Although the land along the southern waterfront is now zoned as Marine and Resort Residential, there has been little investment in decades due to concerns about soil contamination and environmental degradation. Results of the research propose a landscape-based approach using a phased development strategy that will restore the site to the point that it is attractive to development and contributes to community amenity. This will help the Town conceptualize the future of the southern waterfront and bring economic investment and improved environmental quality to the Region.

“I am honoured to be the recipient of the 2020 King Family Bursary. Parry Sound has always been a special place to me and is where I have spent most of my summers. I believe that we must find a way to live cohesively with the natural environment. Development in the region is inevitable with increasing human populations, therefore finding the appropriate balance between environmental preservation and development will be necessary. I hope my research will help the community conceptualize the future of Parry Sound’s southern waterfront” – Brennan Guse