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Endangered King Rails discovered on GBLT property

Posted on October 11, 2017

Exciting news! We’re delighted to share that endangered King Rails were recently discovered making use of a Georgian Bay Land Trust property. Bird lovers will know that these small marsh birds are extremely rare in Ontario, which is at the far northern end of their range. It is estimated that only 30 breeding pairs are left in the province. King Rails are shy birds, and are more often heard than seen. They make their homes in freshwater and brackish marshes throughout eastern North America, and prefer wetlands bordering large bodies of water where they can hunt for food. The Rail bird…

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Protecting Algonquin Wolf Habitat: McGregor Bay – La Cloche Mountains

Posted on September 12, 2017

The Georgian Bay Land Trust is delighted to welcome McGregor Bay – La Cloche Mountains as our newest and second most northern protected property. Located just west of Killarney Provincial Park, the property consists of a larger mainland portion and a small island, both containing high quality habitat for eight confirmed at-risk species, including Bald Eagle, Monarch Butterfly, and Northern Map Turtle. We were particularly excited to discover fresh Algonquin Wolf prints on a visit to the property this past August, a rare species sighting on the Bay. The largely undeveloped nature of the Killarney area makes it one of the few places…

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Event Date: November 24, 2017


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