Event Date: March 5, 2015

Bishop Strachan School
298 Lonsdale Rd., Toronto

6pm reception
7:30pm presentation

Geologist Nick Eyles and artist Ed Bartram will take you on a tour of the fascinating geological history of Georgian Bay, using their dynamic images and engaging storytelling.

Georgian Bay’s rocks tell a story of ancient mountain ranges, the collision of continents, and the formation of the earth. The remains of this are there for all to see in the Bay’s beautiful rock patterns – but it takes an expert to tell you what to look for. Come learn about the billions of years of history beneath your feet!


Dr. Nick Eyles holds a Ph.D and D.Sc. and is Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto. He has worked at the universities of Leicester, Newcastle upon Tyne and East Anglia in Great Britain, at Memorial University in Newfoundland and has been at Toronto since 1981 when he was awarded an NSERC University Research Fellowship. He has authored more than 150 publications in leading scientific journals on ice age geology and environmental geology in urban areas and has conducted geological fieldwork from the Arctic to the Antarctic, including work on the Ocean Drilling Program onboard the drillship Resolution. In 2013 Nick was awarded the McNeil medal for his outstanding work in making geology accessible to Canadians.

Ed Bartram, one of Canada’s foremost painter/printmakers, has consistently found his source of inspiration over the past 30 years to be the rugged northern landscape of the Precambrian Shield. Unlike his predecessors, such as the Group of Seven, Bartram explores contemporary techniques and influences to focus upon the abstract and dynamic elements in the landscape. With his innovative techniques, he effectively captures the powerful forces which were at work during the formation of Georgian Bay’s metamorphic bedrock.