Virtual LandMark Speaker Series: Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay with Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

Event Date: May 8, 2021

Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay
with Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg
May 8th, 10-11am
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Welcome to the 2021 virtual LANDMARK Speaker Series! Join us each month for educational and interactive presentations on topics related to conservation and Georgian Bay. All presentations are free of charge and take place over Zoom.

Enjoy these dramatic, true stories of the most famous shipwrecks in Canada’s Georgian Bay: an update on the search for the fabled Griffon, including the authors’ participation in the quest for this wreck with Josh Gates for the “Expedition Unknown” TV series; the amazing story of a small schooner that has become the most in-demand shipwreck in the world; the historic vessel that has the reputation of being the most scuba-dangerous shipwreck in all of the Great Lakes; details of the first dive to the J. H. Jones, a coastal steamer tragically lost with all hands in late 1906, and found in 2018 by the same team that located the Manasoo (next); the 2018 discovery of the steamer, Manasoo, a story which went “worldwide viral”: due to the wreck’s unique characteristics, such as an intact pilot house and a 1927 automobile!  Plus much more! Based on Cris and Joan’s  book of the same title.