Property Visiting Guidelines


Please understand and follow these simple guidelines to enjoy and appreciate our wilderness lands while helping protect and preserve them in perpetuity.

Visitor Pledge

I understand that visiting GBLT natural reserves is a privilege. If we all follow these few simple rules, we can all help to keep these special places safe for visitors and the flora and fauna – for today, and for the future.
Every time I visit a GBLT property, I always:

Trash my trash

If I brought it in, I bring it out. I know this includes all biodegradable materials, especially human and pet waste.

Leave it as I find it

If I pick the flowers or collect the rocks, you can’t enjoy them. With many people visiting the properties, the less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have.

Keep wildlife wild

I respect wildlife by observing it from a distance, and leaving it in peace. I avoid any conflict, and I don’t feed the animals.

Manage my dog

I keep my dog nearby and under control, I pay attention to signage, I ask others before allowing my dog to say hello, and I always pick up after my dog.

Keep it small and short

To reduce the impact of my visits, I keep my group small (fewer than 10 people) and I only stay for a couple of hours so others can enjoy a visit too. I read the signs about access and I know that red flags mean a property is at capacity.

Cold not hot

Although cooking hotdogs over a fire is fun, I NEVER use portable stoves or BBQs, and I NEVER light fires on GBLT properties. I know that even small fires damage rocks.

Keep it light

I love visiting GBLT properties for low- impact activities like picnicking, swimming, taking photographs, hiking and bird watching. I NEVER camp overnight, light fires, leave garbage, damage or remove natural materials, make loud noise, or use motorized vehicles.

Spread the word

I share this guide with others in the Georgian Bay community so they can help too.

Download a Printable .pdf of the GBLT Property Visiting Guide