Native Species-At-Risk

One of the main goals of the GBLT is to preserve and protect the habitat of all species in and on the Bay, but especially those species that have been designated at-risk by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. More information can be found on the Species at Risk page of the MNR website, or click on any species name below for more information from the MNR.

If you observe a Species-at-Risk on a Georgian Bay Land Trust property, please report your sighting by filling out this form.


Western Chorus Frog


Bald Eagle
Barn Swallow
Black Tern
Canada Warbler
Cerulean Warbler
Chimney Swift
Common Nighthawk
Eastern Meadowlark
Eastern Whip-poor-will
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Golden-winged Warbler
King Rail
Least Bittern
Olive-Sided Flycatcher
Red Headed Woodpecker
Rusty Blackbird
Wood Thrush


Lake Sturgeon
Northern Brook Lamprey
Silver Lamprey


Monarch Butterfly
West Virginia White Butterfly


Algonquin Wolf
Little Brown Myotis
Northern Myotis
Tri-coloured Bat


Branched Bartonia
Broad Beech Fern
Engelmann’s Quillwort
Forked Three Awned Grass


Blanding’s Turtle
Eastern Foxsnake
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake
Eastern Musk Turtle
Eastern Ribbonsnake
Five-lined Skink
Massasauga Rattlesnake
Northern Map Turtle
Snapping Turtle
Spotted Turtle