Board & Advisors

Chairman of the Board:
Janny Vincent, Chairman of the Board - Sans Souci; Communications Committee member (2011); Long-term Stewardship committee; Fundraising Committee (2009-2010)

Past Chairman:
Peter Cooper - Cognashene; Past Chair, Fundraising Commitee (2007-2011); Steward, Lizard and Alexander Islands (2005 to Present)

Ian Macleod, Land Protection Chair - Pointe au Baril

Jim Cooper, Stewardship Chair - Cognashene; Lead Steward, Lizard & American Camp; Long-term Stewardship Task Force

Jennifer Kernaghan, Communications Chair - Pointe au Baril

Adam Howard, Board Development Chair - Sans Souci

Fred Dalley - Wah Wah Taysee; Chair, Sustainable Fundraising

David Doritty - Pointe au Baril; Chair, Annual Fundraising

Peter Koetsier - Honey Harbour

Shannon Beddoe - Go Home Bay

Shannon Beddoe - Go Home Bay
David Browne - Sans Souci
John Catto - Pointe au Baril
Jim Cooper - Cognashene
Peter Cooper - Cognashene
Fred Dalley - Wah Wah Taysee
David Doritty - Pointe au Baril
Nick Eyles - West Carling
Andy Fabens - Bayfield Nares; Lead Steward, Thomson Reserve, Nares Inlet
Rick Hayward
Adam Howard - Sans Souci
Jennifer Kernaghan - Pointe au Baril
Peter Koetsier - Honey Harbour
Diane MacDiarmid - Go Home Bay
Ian Macleod - Pointe au Baril
Janny Vincent - Sans Souci

Andy Alexander – Wah Wah Taysee
Christopher Baines - Cognashene
James A. Beatty - Parry Sound
Sandy Boyd - Sans Souci
Nancy Christie - Sans Souci
Neil Davis - Cognashene
Michael Drinkwater - Cognashene
Jon K. Grant - Pointe au Baril
Stephen Griggs - Pointe au Baril
John Hackett - Blackstone Lake
Jennifer Ivey Bannock - Sans Souci
Graham King - Sans Souci
Wally King - Sans Souci
Don Lawson – Iron City Fishing Club
William B. McCoy - Pointe au Baril
Sandy McLaren - Pointe au Baril
Paul McLean
Evelyn Newell - Pointe au Baril
Michael Owen - Go Home Bay
Dana Porter - Key River
Georgia Rennick - Sans Souci
Karl Schiefer - Cognashene
Tom Scoon - Pointe au Baril
Carl Spiess - Key Harbour
John Stark - Carling
Richard Stark - West Carling
Barbara Zimmerman - Go Home Bay

Address: 920 Yonge Street, Suite 609, Toronto, M4W 3C7
Phone / Fax: 1 (416) 440-1519
The GBLT is a registered Canadian charity (#13195 8811 RR 0001)